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Workshops & Classes: Let's Talk About it!

Maddy O'Neill-Dean, MSW, offers evening and weekend workshops and classes to Preschools and Moms' groups. She concentrates on the early years of parenting - children 7 and under.                                  

This early childhood parenting class centers around YOUR young child's issues, i.e. whining, power and food struggles, misbehaviors, self-esteem, discipline, emotional and social development, sibling rivalry, etc. This workshop is informative, insightful, practical, and supportive. It has a strong emphasis on Positive Reinforcement.

This is also a forum where parents will share their concerns and questions and also their own parenting knowledge with each other. 

Maddy's workshops and classes have been offered at Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool (since 2008), Montessori School of Holmes Run (several sessions), Falls Church Community Center (since 2008), Virginia Health Center, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), and the International Finance Corp Women's Network.

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Individual Parenting Coaching:

Maddy offers one-on-one coaching via phone or in your home. These sessions will address your specific childrearing issues.

Coaching by phone cost $50.

Coaching in your home:  $95 

 Here is what parents have said about Maddy's workshops:

I'm really glad I took your class.  I found the book and our class discussions very helpful. The advice was very practical and portable and I'm glad I have a few more "tools" in my parenting toolbox.  For me, a real turning point came in our discussion of discipline versus punishment.  It really influenced how I view my role as a parent and my approach to guiding my daughter as she becomes her own person.  I continue to have lots of success with the reflective listening technique we discussed and the tips for diffusing power struggles.  I also have told all of my friends about your class and how beneficial I found it. Thanks so much for a great class.
                                                  ~Kristen Loschert

I really had a good time, as you know. I thought her best point of the evening was to realize that you can't ever be a perfect parent and it's actually good for your child to realize that you have some faults... That some conflict is good since children need to cope and learn to problem-solve on their own. The world isn't perfect and neither are we. Also she made a really good point about lowering our expectations - I agree that we sometimes expect more of our children than they are capable of given their ages, developmental stage, etc.
                                                 ~Falls Church Mom